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Founder: Natalia Ancora

I am a highly accomplished Polish-Australian professional model and former lawyer, based on the beautiful Gold Coast. Prior to settling in Australia, I obtained two degrees (law and business management) from renowned institutions in London. It was there that I garnered invaluable experience working for Vivienne Westwood, an iconic figure in the English fashion industry. It was during this time that my deep passion for the realm of creativity was ignited.


Upon relocating to the Gold Coast, I developed a strong interest in the real estate industry and gained significant experience in the field. In recent years, I combined my diverse background and skills to establish my own enterprise, which has since flourished and expanded into G'Day Management.

the birth
of G'Day management

Our founder, Natalia, said, "G'Day management was created as a tribute to MS (Multiple Sclerosis), the disability that actually made me stronger."


Natalia encountered MS while already dealing with various challenges. The diagnosis only made her stronger and taught her to embrace life fully. That's why we are here, to create some of the most incredible and memorable experiences for creatives, as well as educational events for investors and individuals who are motivated to achieve more in life.

Image by Alexandre Pellaes


  • G'Day Muses Festival - Australia's first Model Photography Festival. More info.

  • Creative Getaways: The only Australian event for photographers who want to build their dream portfolio with the best models, while indulging in the finest destinations. More info.

  • Modelling Course: 101 How to Become a Model. More info.

  • Developers- Investors Networking Events. More info.

  • Real Estate Course: Step by Step on how to get a property in Australia. More info.
  • MS Warriors Events - Reserve your first Sunday of each month for our friendly MS zoom catch-ups. More info.

Meet the Team


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