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Silka Kurzak

silka kurzak g day angels.jpg

I’m Silka Kurzak, with close to two decades in the industry. From strutting the runways of New York Fashion Week to clinching the Miss Australia title in 2016, my journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. Having jet-setted between countries and living in New York and LA as a model and actress, I’ve graced numerous editorials and commercials. Beyond the glamour, I’ve delved into coaching the younger generation in pageantry and modeling, focusing on their training and development.


Armed with a double degree in marketing and business management, I earned the distinction of becoming the youngest head of department at a major hotel corporation. Managing the marketing for Australia and steering my own department, I’ve seamlessly blended business prowess with a passion for the industry.


Fast forward to today, I helm a thriving health business, presenter,  maintain an active presence in the fashion realm as a model, and proudly embrace the role of a dedicated mum.

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